File Toolkit

Batch file renaming, Mac style!

File Toolkit is simple and powerful whether you want to rename 1 file or 1000.

Powerful Actions

• Text Prefix and Suffix

• Time and Datestamp in any format 

• Find and Replace characters and words

• Change to Uppercase, Lowercase or Titlecase

• Number Sequence Prefix and Suffix

• Regular Expressions 

• And more!


Want more than one change to a filename? Build a workflow with a few clicks! Workflows can be saved and reloaded when required. 

Example 1
Have a photoshoot to process from a New York City trip? Your workflow might look like this:

• Remove the original filename except the file extension
• Add “NYC” to the front of the filename
• Timestamp it with its file creation date added to the end of NYC
• Specify that the date should be in the YYYYMMDD format and the time should be in the 12-hour format.
• Specify that the timestamp should be separated from the rest of the filename with a dash
• Add a sequential number to the end of the filename

Example 2
A simpler workflow might look like this:

• Make the filename lowercase
• Change the file extension from .html to .txt

File Toolkit is easy to use. Drag and drop your files, then choose your Action or create a workflow. File Toolkit is ready for Dark Mode.

1 file or 1000

Batch file renaming, Mac style. File Toolkit is powerful, yet simple to use.

Made for Mojave

File Toolkit has been made from the ground up for Mojave. It's ready for Dark Mode from day one.

Create Workflows from Actions

More than one action? Create a Workflow. You can even save the Workflow for future use.